Mewar Chandori rupee. Ref.: Y#5

Started by Rangnath, February 01, 2009, 03:19:25 AM

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I'll change the title tomorrow.  For today, I'll leave the origin a question mark.  The coin weighs 10.9 grams. I would guess that the dye is quite large and it is the luck of the draw that produced this coin without discernable letters. 
I wish I could let whoever guesses the correct issuing authority have this wonderful though commonplace rupee, but I like it too much.  ::)
And, anticipating someone's guess, NO, IT did not come from Pringlepur State.


Dear Richie,
This is an issue of India, Mewar, so-called Chandori rupee. Ref.: Y#5.


Thank you Oesho. 
I've changed the subject title accordingly.


Hi Richie,
I am also having a similar Mewar rupee coin (Chandori series, KM: Y# 5). But I am not able to identify during which time period these were struck. As per standard catalog, these were struck during the period 1842-1890. But somewhere else I found that these were struck during the first half of the nineteenth century. (Ref:
Do you have any idea about the time period of this coin?


This 'New Chandori'-type was introduced in 1820. According the Webb was it still being struck in 1890.