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Enigmatic copper: with star and flag?

Started by Rangnath, January 19, 2009, 10:03:38 PM

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This well worn copper is in search of an attribution.  It weighs 9.6 grams.
I don't know if I have the correct positions displayed.  I tried turning them around. This seems the best to me. 
I did check with Orccha and Datia state because of what I thought might be a Gaja or mace on the obverse.
Doesn't that look like a star on the reverse?


Nothing so far, but the large letter on the obverse looks like the Nagari numeral Char (4).


OK, I see some similarities with coppers of Bikanir. Or am I being too optimistic, like the Captain here:

[Scene from The Great Escape parody from Goodness Gracious Me: Allied POWs are planning to escape disguised as German soldiers.]

Ginger: What about them? (Nods towards Asian soldiers)
Captain: That's a good point, Ginger. (Passing his gaze over the faces of the Asian soldiers) Now listen: You chaps will have to be from East Germany. (Suddenly spotting some Sikhs among the Asian soldiers) Very, very East Germany...


I enjoyed your parody dialog Overlord. 
and then I thought, perhaps Overlord is trying to tell me that the posted coin comes from the East of Bikanir; far to the East; Bahawalpur?  Sind?  Kalat?   :-\
I can't tell if the obverse is a "4" as you once suggested, or "in the name of Shah Alam" tilted 90 degrees, with the Persian enlarged and squished together. 
On a more serious side, yes, I do see some similarity between this coin and Bikanir Km 14 of Surat Singh.  In the notes of that coin the standard catalog said: "Year 47 is of much cruder fabric".  Well, this coin is CRUDER.