Bhaunagar/Cambay/ Maratha Paisa?

Started by Rangnath, November 28, 2008, 11:53:24 PM

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A dealer posted these two coins as being from Bhaunagar/Cambay/Maratha.  Was he correct?

He added this information:

"Hindi (or nagari) legend says "sri" on line 1,and "shiva" on line 2 / Blank. These were listed as "uncertain" maratha coins in Wiggins & Maheswari book "Maratha Mints and Coinage" on page 194 (T24,25, 26), but I am told these are actually Bhaunagar/Cambay coins. (15x15)mm, very thick, 11.7grams, bronze."



Quote from: Rangnath on November 28, 2008, 11:53:24 PM
"Hindi (or nagari) legend says "sri" on line 1,and "shiva" on line 2 / Blank."
I do not see similar legends on these, or anything that looks like Nagari for that matter.


I don't either, but I'm glad to hear you say that. 
There are not many choices of copper coins wit incuse designs upon an otherwise smooth surface.  And then, add to that an apparantly uniface stamp...  Where else might I look?


In the Fitzwilliam collection, there are a series of coins said to be from the Gulf of -Khambhat that share some of the characteristics of the two coins posted here: incuse design and uniface. 
But they too do not look similar to these.

BC Numismatics

  These coins do not look like Bhavnagari or Cambayan coins.They look like they have got Chinese characters counterstamped into the tops of them.