Akbar, 1/2 Dam, AH962, Narnol mint

Started by Overlord, November 13, 2008, 08:13:39 AM

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I think I see part of "Falus" on the side I have labelled as obverse. Couldn't make out anything on the reverse. Do we have enough inscription on the coin to identify it  ???




This seems a fractional dam of Akbar. The obverse shows Zarb Falus. The mintname above is off the flan, but it could well be an issue of Narnol mint (see also the coin you posted recently).
The reverse is depicted about up-side-down. When you turn it you will see a date on the bottom line ending with a 2 (for 962, this looks odd as Akbar started in 963, but this date occurs very often on Akbar copper coins of this mint, perhaps an error for 966).


Thanks a ton, Oesho. I rotated the reverse 180 degrees and can now see part of Arabic "2" at the bottom. After reading your reply, I checked W.H. Valentine's The Copper Coins of India and and indeed found Akbar coins that look similar to the one I have posted. Mr. Valentine also lists an Akbar dam minted at Narnol dated 962 AH (volume II, p. 258, no. 3)! I think mine could be a Damri (1/8 Dam) or a Damra (1/4) as the weight is approximately 3-5 grams. At around 10 grams, 1/2 Dam would be too heavy.


I have almost an identical coin identified as Akbar's quarter dam.

Not sure about the mint.



Dear Mahesh, the reverse of your coin need to be rotated 90° clockwise.



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Akbar half dam/Nisfi. Weight 10.07 grams, AH966
Mint Narnol?