Karauli Rupee: Jaipur design influence

Started by Rangnath, November 11, 2008, 02:01:31 AM

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I do not own it, but I am thinking of purchasing this coin.  Because of the series of four square dots, I suppose that it might be minted in Ujjain.  The "32" probably stands for the reynal year of Shah Alam II.  But I can not locate its exact like in either Lingen and Wiggens nor the standard catalog.  It is being sold as an "unattibuted" coin. 

BC Numismatics

  That looks like a very nice coin.I still reckon that you should buy it though.



Dear Richie,
You may be surprised, but this is a rupee of Karauli. The earliest issues of Karauli are close copies of the rupees of Jaipur and even have the pseudo mint name Sawai Jaipur on them. The particular fabric, like the square dots makes it pretty easy to distinguish them from the Jaipur issues. Ref.: KM#16.


Yes. I am surprised.  The mint mark to the right of the date is off the flan.  Seeing that, I might have looked further than Gwalior.  Oh, well. 
Thanks for the additional information Oesho.  You have made my day once again. 


Karauli and Jaipur both are situated in Rajasthan Province and they are near to each. Hence the influence on coinage is evident.