Tripura Tanka, Vijaya Manikya (Sake 1454-1486/AD1532-1564), AD 1557, KM#66

Started by Rangnath, October 26, 2008, 10:43:42 PM

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What exactly do I have?  It seems very similar to Tripura Km # 66, SE 1454 to 1486 or 1532 to 1564 AD.  I haven't found anything closer, though it is obvious that my coin is not identical with the tanka in the standard catalog.  My coin weighs 10.7 grams, within tolerance of 10.5 grams listed in the catalog. 
Tripura has a fascinating history. I would love to be able to visit the place.  There is one peculiarity of the coin which is the real reason for my posting it.  It seems flat on one side and convex on the other. If I lay the coin on a flat table and spin it, it spins quite well.  The opposite side is NOT concave.  While I could not photograph this phenomenon, I'm quite sure that it isn't an optical illusion.  Is this typical of Tripura coins or is it only a characteristic of this particular coin? 


Dear Richie,
This is an rupee of Vijaya Manikya (Sake 1454-1486/AD1532-1564) with queen Lakshmi Rana. Obv.: Lion to r., Saka - 1479 (AD 1557). Rev.: Medieval Bengali legend: Pratisindhu Si/m Sri Sri Vijaya/Manikya Deva La/kshmi Rana Devya.
The epithet Pratisindhu Sim (Right up to the sea), is perhaps indicating a military conquest of territory as far as the sea, possibly the recapture of Chittagong.

Ref.: KM#66; Rhodes #110
Ref.: N.G. Rhodes, S.K. Bose: The coinage of Tripura (Kolkata 2002)


VERY nice-looking coin Richie. Thanks for posting it.