Bundi 1/2 Rupee: George V, VS 1981

Started by Rangnath, October 04, 2008, 02:16:42 AM

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The coin seems to be a 1/2 rupee, Y #8.  Some of the date is off the flan, but is enough there to guess at the date?  I can see the 9 but I can not figure out what is to the left of that.

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  These hammered coins from Bundi usually have nearly all of the date off the planchet.

You should post that up on http://www.zeno.ru .

That's one very nice coin that you've got there.

If we knew what the date was,apart from the fact that it is a VS date,we would know whether this coin was issued under the suzerainty of King Edward VII or King George V.



The date on the coin is VS 1981 (=AD1924). The coin is in the name of George V (1911-1936).

1. Rupee: VS1981
2. Half Rupee:  VS 1981
3. Quarter Rupee:  VS 1981


Thank you Oesho.  The series is quite beautiful!
I have no excuses. I had a chart and still I had difficulty reading the numbers!  But thanks to your examples, I can see with new eyes.


Fantastic coins. Oesho. This series is often deeply struck, but with planchet problems, making them still problematic. It is so helpful to see well-centered examples and such a joy when they are enlarged.

Aidan, when you are through referring people to other lists, you should put up a few coins on this one.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.

BC Numismatics

  It would be nice to be able to post up photos,but financial difficulties have hampered my plans to rebuild my computer's original power box (which contains all of my scanned,including some unuploaded,photos).The power companies over here have got greedy,as they're putting up the power prices by another 10%,which means that I will be having less money to spend on either food or other things,such as my banknotes & coins.