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Israel: 10 agorot 1997, km158, different “heh” = the Hebrew letter ה

Started by Globetrotter, April 16, 2013, 06:33:54 PM

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as I'm just putting some doubles from Israel aside I found this variant, which is actually mentioned in the SCWC, but in a faulty way, since both "heh" (ה) are open, but one much more than it should be... SCWC tells us that the normal ה is "closed"!


I think you got it correctly. A completely closed He(h) would be a Chet (engl.: Khet), another letter ...



Chet represents 8 in Hebrew, since it's the 8th letter, ח, whereas the Heh, ה, is the 5th letter and thus represents 5.

One day I'll try to learn how to write and read the Hebrew numbers without help....


That is year 5757 in the Hebrew calendar (1997 Grigorian Calendar). First letter (from the right) is "Hei" and it represent 5, an apostrophe is a separateion sign that indicates thousands.:
5000+400+300+50+(after the double apostrophe)7.
Please note the thousands separation sign (') between the symbols «ת» and «ה» on coins started to appear from 1981

Clearly 2 varieties.