Shah Jahan Rupee, Mint:Akbarabad, AH1040, RY 3.

Started by Rangnath, May 19, 2008, 01:32:30 AM

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I love craftsmanship of many of the rupees from the reign of Shah Jahan; this one from the Km 227 series included.  I'm making an assumption that the mint is found on the reverse at the bottom.  On this coin, I think I can make out the "bad" part as in Akbarabad or Shahjahanabad.  Oesho, could it be one of those two mints? 
In my research, I found one coin with of the same series with a similar "knot" or heart (at 1 O'clock of the Kalima on the obverse) on the obverse. However that coin was identified as being from Bhakkar. Perhaps the "knot" is not a mint mark afterall?.


Dear Richie, the coin is minted at Akbarabad, in AH1040, regnal year 3.
For an almost identical rupee see:


Yes, it is nearly identical.  I should make use of Zeno. 56 thousand photos can't be wrong! Thanks very much Oesho.