Janjira Island Paisa

Started by Rangnath, April 05, 2008, 09:20:35 PM

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Well, I hope this is identified correctly.  I bought a lot of copper coins and two look like they might be from that noble Feudal State.  I'll post both.  One appears to be Km 10.  The other?  Maybe there is not enough for me to discern.  Both weigh slighly more than 6 grams.


I've never been to Janjira Island, but after seeing these photos of Oesho, I would certainly like to now!
- View of Janjira fort;
- A view from the fort to Rajpuri, the port of Janjira;
- The Ahmedganj Palace, the residence of the present titular Sidi Nawab of Janjira at Murud.

BC Numismatics

  Those are very interesting coins,& very nice photos.

Here's an article; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Janjira .



Photographed this at the National Museum, New Delhi yesterday. What a fort! Everything about it seems to scream: stay clear.