Unknown Paisa?

Started by Rangnath, March 12, 2008, 01:24:09 AM

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weight:  6.5 grams
size:  17 to 18 mm

I've had fun looking, but I really haven't a clue.  I tried pretending that the "V" shape object was the legs of a horse, but I'd rather know what it really is!


I haven't a clue either. This is one of the many mistery coins which one may find in India and adjacent countries.


If you haven't a clue Oesho, then my hope of finding an identity for this coin just sank to a place lower than dispair.  :(

I'll set it aside, take a deep breath and move on with my life.  ::)


I am not an expert either, but couldn't this be an old French doudou?? :-\
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Dear Muntenman, Any reference regarding type? So far I don't see any resemblance to a French Doudou, but I may be mistaken.
Regards, Oesho