Jodhpur Rupee: Pali mint

Started by Rangnath, March 02, 2008, 06:50:45 PM

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Determining that this rupee was from Jodhpur wasn't difficult, but determining which ruler had the coin minted and where seem more problematic.
The coin weighs 11.4 grams.
Looking in the standard catalog, this coin has elements of km 36.1; a perfect match on the reverse.
According to the catalog, if this coin had been minted before 1858, the "swastik" might be a mark of the Daroga, or the mint overseer, from Sojat mint.  And the Sojat mint used the jhar and sword, both of which are in evidence on the obverse.
But the obverse seems to be telling us, on the first line, that the coin was minted in the name of Shah Alam, the moghul ruler on the throne after1858. 
I could not find one Jodhpur rupee depicted in the catalog with a Jhar heading West, as this one does.  Is that significant?
Anyway, I would like to properly catalog this coin and at presesnt, I can not.

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Richie,that's a very nice Jodhpuri silver Rupee with a Swastika that you've got there.

Here's an article about the Swastika,which is also the name of a town in Ontario,Canada; .



This rupee of Marwar (Jodhpur State) is struck in the name of Shah Alam II, with the mint name Dar al-Mansur Jodhpur, but it was struck at Pali mint.
Pali had the largest output of these rupees in the name of Shah Alam II and I have observed so far 63 different varieties, all dated 1218/45 or sometimes 128/45.


Thanks for the link Aidan.

With over 63 varieties, I now do not feel bad about my confusion!
Thank you, Oesho, for the clarification.  I revisited the catalog and decided that a designation of Km 183 might be OK.  I am making the assumption that the image is of a dagger, not a sword. Though with that number of varieties, I suppose that might be like arguing about the number of angels that can safely stand on the head of a pin.  In any event, I have a better idea about where and even when this coin was minted.