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Jodhpur Takka: Annonymous

Started by Rangnath, February 15, 2008, 11:10:07 PM

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I apologize for starting a new topic at this juncture.  There's lots else that's interesting on this board. However,
I'm bidding on this coin, and I'm doing so from appearances only. I like the coin's appearance.
It is 20.5 grams and 23 mm across.
The date suggests that was minted in AH 1205?  I can get these very wrong. If I am right, that makes it 1791. I guess it could be a Mogual coin?


Dear Richie, this is an anonymous copper takka of Jodhpur. On the obv. the legend is: (from bottom to top) Sanah Jalus Mamainet Manus Zarb / rev: 1205 Dar al-mansur Jodhpur.
The 1205 is a frozen date. On earlier specimen a Ry.35 is shown above Sanah.
The weight of these pieces is c. 20.8 gm.


Thanks! That certainly helps me make an informed decision about my bidding. 
I like the size, weight and feel of these large hammered coins; that you can identify it is amazing to me.