Gwalior Paisa, Km 97, 1793: sword and border

Started by Rangnath, January 30, 2008, 04:13:28 AM

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Weight:  8.5 grams
size:  17 mm

1. I have little hope of identifying this coin without divine (a manifestation of Siva?) intervention.  Last year, I posted a coin that had intiated my interest in hammered coins (I had purchased it in 1969) and it had a sword. It had little else and the minting authority is still unkown and anonymous.
2. On the reverse of this coin, I'm not sure what language is represented.  Is that a "two" in Arabic or Persian?  The symbol to the left of the "two", the crescent moon reminds me of my trip to the grocery store two days ago.  The cashier had a tatoo on her forhead (I am NOT making this up) very much like it, though "upside down".  I asked her what it meant.  She said it represents the Goddess and that she, the Cashier, was trying to reach allignment with Her. I said "that's nice", but what  I thought was that the symbol was the diacritical mark above the horizontal line in the Sanskrit word "OM" but that she didn't have enough money for the full tatoo. Should I have left her a tip?
3.  Wow, talk about a generic sword!  Oh, well.  below it is probably writing.  I am feeling very intelligent today.


Richie, look under Gwalior State > Jawad Mint > KM#97 and your problem is solved.


Oh, Oesho, you are absolutely incredible!  But why couldn't I find the coin's identity?  I have no idea!  The obverse is a perfect match, though the reverse appears to be a mirror image of the one in the standard catalog.  It would appear that I am correct about the crescent moon.  But what is the shape to the right of the moon?  A letter?  Or part of a fish?
I'll re-post my coin with a more corrected allignment (if the one in the catalog is alligned correctly),
and then the one from the catalog.


and now the illustration in the catalog.