Bikaner Takka

Started by Rangnath, January 23, 2008, 06:13:50 AM

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This one, 18 mm across and 15.2 grams, is in better shape than the previous Takka of Bikaner that I posted. 
Is "12" the regnal year? If it is of Ratan Singh (1828 to 1851) and not of Alamgir II, the moghul ruler in which the coin was struck, then the date of this coin is 1840.  Am I being presumptuous?


The obverse should be rotaded by 180o. What you read as 12 is actually a very simplified way of writing Alam. The horizontal line is of Shah, with makes the whole legend Shah Alam.
The AH-date on the bottom of the obverse and the Ry. on the bottom of the reverse are both is off flan.


Well, I have to smile at my own errors!  Thanks for literally setting me straight. I'll leave the above images as is but will include the corrected image below. I may go around smiling the rest of the morning on this one.