Bhopal pau (1/4) Anna

Started by Rangnath, January 16, 2008, 05:35:12 AM

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I found difficulty in attempting to identify this coin.  I did find one coin with some similarities in the Fitzwilliam collection.  I'll post both my coin and the museum coin for comparison.
First my coin:  7.6 grams and 17 X 18 mm across.


Take a look at the obverse of this smaller coin; looks pretty similar to mine, doesn't it? The museum coin is much smaller; 2.77 grams.  Its date is 1751 to 1795.  Anyone have a good catalog and would like to look this one up?


Richie, the answer regarding this coin may make you happy, it is of Bhopal. A place, I presume, of which you bear pleasant memories.
It?s a pau Anna (1/4 Anna) The date unfortunately is of the flan. Ref.: Y#4.1
The second coin, clearly shows that it is an issue of Arkat (or Arcot). According to the weight it must be a ? paisa. Of the date only the first two digits are visible. Ref.: KM#21


Yes Oesho, while I'm sad that this coin wasn't from Arcot, and mildly irritated that I couldn't identify it correctly, I am absolutely thrilled that it comes from Bhopal! 
It was sold to me as a "Moghul" coin. I didn't think that it was but spent a long pleasant time trying to find its true identity.  I suspect that some dealers, when in doubt, "blame" a coin's identity on the Moghul Empire. 


Congratulations, Richie. What a fun way to find what you are looking for. ;)

I am also under the impression that some dealers will paste on any kind of id, maybe because identified coins can be sold for more. I even know one or two who rage at me when I point out they have misidentified a piece. One claimed he identified British counters as Americana because "that's what the market wants". Fortunately, I know plenty dealers who'll just say they don't know if they don't know. Guess which type I buy from.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


I agree with you totally.  I'm quite new at meeting "dealers" and some will say anything.