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Banknotes on coins

Started by BC Numismatics, January 06, 2008, 09:20:13 PM

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BC Numismatics

Here's a section that will be of interest to the banknote collectors as well as the coin collectors.This is about banknotes on coins.

I can think of one - the 1999 Taiwanese $10 coin that commemorates 50 Years of the Taiwanese Dollar.

If you can think of any other examples of banknotes on coins & banknotes on medal-coins,please post them here.



Armenia 5 Dram (KM# 81). A collector issue,though..
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Or coins on banknotes like the Guilder 1940 on a Dutch East Indies (JAVA) banknote of 1940.



Austria 50 schilling 1999, commemorating the "birth" of the euro:

Issued at face, like the other bimetallic 50 schilling coins. And while the Austrians preferred 50 S notes, those pieces actually circulated to some extent.



Ukraine, 5 grn., 2006.
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South Africa, 5 Rand, 2011
90th Anniversary of the South African Reserve Bank